Will Seippel | May 21, 2024

In this video, I go through my collection of Star Wars action figures and what they might be worth.

Star Wars needs no introduction here. As one of the most popular franchises in the history of the film industry, Star Wars has dominated since its debut film in 1977. Franchise creator George Lucas has capitalized on its success to partner with companies and release merchandise, especially toys of fans’ favorite characters, an endeavor that has returned billions of dollars. Star Wars collectors love to get their hands on a range of collectibles and memorabilia from that galaxy far, far away, including life-sized replicas, statues, autographed memorabilia, props, and more. But how much are these items worth?

Toltoys Australian release vinyl cape Jawa action figure Kenner Star Wars collectible
Still in its Empire Strikes Back blister pack, this rare vinyl cape Jawa action figure was sold for more than $49,000 in 2023.
Image Source: WorthPoint

What Is in Your Star Wars Collection?

There are twelve original Star Wars films—nine core movies plus three standalone films—and like true fans, we share a common bond. We may debate over the recommended order in which to watch the films, whether it’s by theatrical release or chronologically in the story’s universe. However, one thing unites us: our shared interest in the collectibles and memorabilia that make Star Wars unique, sought after, and cherished.

More Than Toys

Action figures are among the most popular collectible items in the franchise. For example, within the first decade of the first film’s release date, more than 300 million Kenner Star Wars action figures were sold. Some of the more popular ones include Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and R2D2. Although action figures from this era can vary in pricing based on the character and item condition, many have sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars, especially if they remain in their original blister packs.

The value jumps even more for rare and prototype action figures. For example, Hake’s Auctions sold the auction world’s first Toltoys Australian release of a vinyl cape Jawa action figure for just over $49,000 in 2023. And a year prior, it sold the extremely rare 1979 Boba Fett J-slot rocket-firing prototype figurine for $236,000, breaking a world record.

Another popular Star Wars collectible is lightsabers, especially movie-used examples or those with high-quality craftsmanship and accurate details. In the last three years, original Star Wars lightsaber props have been selling at auction for tens of thousands of dollars. One example at the higher end of the range is this Ewan McGregor-used dueling lightsaber prop from Revenge of the Sith, which Julien’s Auctions sold for $91,000 in 2023.

While displaying one in your home would make your friends jealous, not everyone can spend a small fortune on their collections. Instead, replica lightsabers, such as those made by Hasbro, are much more affordable.

1977 Star Wars movie poster
You won’t find any movie posters written in Galactic Basic, but posters are still valuable. In 2021, an eBay seller sold this 1977 Star Wars movie poster for $200.
Image Source: WorthPoint

Written in the Stars

Another popular collecting category within the Star Wars universe is all things paper, including artwork, books, comics, and posters. Like other categories, there is an art to it all, but something I like about posters is that whether you’re young or old, there is something for everybody. These posters are more than just film advertising. They were also works of art that were a part of the movie-going experience.

The story behind some of the movie posters is the potential that a teenage collector initially purchased them in the ’70s and ’80s, and as the industry has grown, so has the item’s value. Vintage Star Wars posters can sell for over $20–40 but also have a story.

Happy Hunting!

Wherever you are in your collecting journey, reference the WorthPoint Price Guide so you can buy and sell smarter. The industry is still growing, meaning items you buy now could increase in value over time. To learn more about starting a Star Wars collection, check out this article on WorthPoint! Wherever your journey brings you, remember to enjoy the hunt!

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