Sarah Seippel | April 26, 2024

The dopamine décor style often features bold colors and lively prints, but neutral pieces can help ground the space. Outfitting your home in this style can look different for everyone, which makes it even more fun.
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One day, while I was sucked into the virtual vortex that is mindless scrolling, I accidentally stumbled upon the concept of dopamine décor. Essentially, the interior design trend is all about filling your home with furnishings and fittings that bring you joy. Instead of a single aesthetic, dopamine décor provides fun and nostalgia through a mix of bright colors, exciting patterns and textures, and unique accessories. There’s no right or wrong way to do it; invite what reflects your personality. For example, why offer visitors a traditional chair when you offer them a hand chair?

My father, Will Seippel, has a similar decorating mentality. My childhood home has often been described as a museum because he has long followed his heart and filled the house with various historical pieces and eclectic collections. While his style might not mirror the rainbow-colored pinned images often brought up by searching for dopamine décor, it has inspired me to share how you, too, can cultivate a living area that inspires joy.

Does Dopamine Décor Actually Work?

Dopamine is the body’s chemical compound responsible for happiness. I like to think of dopamine as the reward pathway in our brain, although it is far more complex than that. Your brain activates that reward pathway and releases dopamine whenever you do something pleasurable; thus, that feeling becomes a motivation to seek the cause of that pleasure in the future. In the same vein, when you create a home that sparks joy, you will want to continue returning home because your brain registers the visual cues that trigger happiness. But how do you integrate this style trend into your home?

Dopamine décor is all about turning your home into a joyful sanctuary and embracing modern living, but you can still merge a blast from the past into your style. In 2015, this retro Cadillac sofa was sold for $2,424 on eBay.
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How to Integrate Dopamine Décor


One way to integrate dopamine décor into your home’s interior style is to incorporate color. Different color palettes result in different emotional responses. For example, if you prefer a bright, airy look, search for items that bring pops of yellow and orange into your home. Yellow promotes happiness and boosts confidence, orange can make you feel joy, and pink may encourage optimism.

On the other hand, if you feel overstimulated out in the world and are looking to wind down and recharge when you get home, you’d want to create a sense of stillness with color. For example, blue has a calming effect and helps combat stress and anxiety. By integrating more blue pieces, like this vintage blue lava lamp and 19th-century painted chest, you can create a calm bedroom or workspace. There are many different ways to analyze color theory and how it relates to our emotions, so if you need help coloring those feelings, contact a designer specialist near you.


Think back to your childhood and picture your most prized collection. Maybe you visited the beach every summer and collected sand dollars and shark teeth. Perhaps you collected quarters or stamps. Those collections inspired you to become who you are today, and dopamine décor celebrates that part of you by inviting you to have fun styling your shelves. Open shelving like bookshelves and kitchen countertops are perfect for adding unique finds like this orange soapstone giraffe figurine and this pair of pink donkey ceramic planters.

Because dopamine décor encompasses every detail within the home, the fun doesn’t have to stop on the shelves. It can be fun to visit local antique and vintage stores to collect different dishware pieces that might not necessarily be a complete set but can mix within the same color palette so that they become a hand-selected set that is unique to you.

Dopamine décor invites you to display the things that make you happy throughout your home.
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Before you scoot out the door to pursue a brand-new interior, look around at what you already have. A fun component of dopamine décor is that you get to layer various patterns. Bright oriental rugs can partner with colorful quilts, unique chairs, and throw pillows to liven up a space. Mixing patterns can be a fun way to blend the old with the new. You can also try displaying historical treasures while investing in modern pieces that match your individuality.


Dopamine décor echoes the earlier maximalism and “cluttercore” trends, so feel free to follow similar design strategies. Not only can you wallpaper or paint your walls with vibrant colors, but you can also fill them with zesty artistic creations. Bright mosaic art and metal wall sculptures invite texture into your home while bringing potential crafting projects your way at the same time. What better way to bring joy into your home than doing the things that you enjoyed as a child? Additionally, you can decorate your wall with bold prints or whimsical paintings, such as this pink donut painting. The options are endless.

Dopamine décor embraces maximalism and encourages the decorator to go all out. For some, it might feel chaotic, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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When you are ready to leave bland décor behind, there are a few places you can scour to find your new trinkets and design pieces. Local antique and vintage stores are a personal favorite of mine. I like unique pieces with a story and a personal connection. Online auction houses and eBay are great online resources accessible from the luxury of your home, if you prefer.

In case you missed it, check out this WorthPoint Blog article on which “-core” design (à la cluttercore, cottagecore, etc.) is right for you. I can’t wait to see all the styling designs you come up with!

Sarah Seippel is a freelance writer and finds much of her inspiration in her father’s unique collections. In her free time, she enjoys hunting down the best cup of coffee and pursuing for vintage deals.