Will Seippel | July 12, 2023

Raspberry Rally Girl Scout cookies
A package of the limited-edition Raspberry Rally Girl Scout cookies.
Image: WorthPoint

Did you get to try the new Raspberry Rally™ Girl Scout cookie this year?

According to Mental Floss, not many people have. Some are even turning to online resale sites like eBay to take advantage of the continued craze for this “raspberry-flavored take on the classic Thin Mints.”

As a collector, it makes sense. For this year’s spring cookie-selling season, the Girl Scouts of the USA offered this new raspberry treat as an online exclusive. Rather than receiving a box of Raspberry Rallys from their local smiling Scout, buyers had to follow a link to have the cookies shipped to their homes—a marked difference from the organization’s long-standing history of door-to-door sales.

Then, as with any rare and limited-edition new item, those lucky enough to get a box for themselves began listing them on online marketplaces at a premium to make a profit.

“On eBay, boxes of Raspberry Rally are listed for several times their original $5 price. The steepest listings cost hundreds of dollars for one case,” reports Mental Floss. The WorthPoint® Price Guide currently has twenty-two eBay auction results for resold boxes of Girl Scout Raspberry Rally cookies, ranging from $10 to $42.

Update: A year after the Girl Scouts sold out of the Raspberry Rally cookies early, the organization has chosen to discontinue the cookie flavor for the 2024 cookie-selling season “to prioritize supplying [its] classic varieties.” At the same time, some Girl Scout councils are announcing upcoming price increases.

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